Freds Fail Safe

Freds Fail Safe

How to protect your child from internet predators, cyber bully’s and more

If you’re concerned about your child falling victim to internet predators then read this.

You see, there is now a simple way to find out who your children are talking to, and what they are looking at on the internet.

And this solution can also be used to monitor the sites that your spouse or employees are browsing. And not only that it can also be used to see what they are doing on their mobile devices.

So if you’re concerned that your husband is still going onto betting sites after he promised to quit gambling…

Or is up to no good on his computer or smartphone…

Or you have untrustworthy employees, and want to know if they’re actually working when you’re gone…

Or you want to know who your child is texting on their phone…

then here’s how to do it - Freds Fail Safe.

It’s a new app called Mobile Spy and it was developed for monitoring computers, tablets and smartphones.

With this app you can sit at home and track any device remotely.

In fact, Mobile Spy is so powerful it can be used to…

Track your child’s phone and see if they are where they say they are.

Protect them from internet predators and other online dangers like scammers, recruiters, cyber bullies and identity thieves.

Find out if your rebellious daughter is mixing with unsavory characters, or your son is developing a drug addiction.

Monitor your untrustworthy partner you learn if they are seeing other people behind your back.

And if you have a business it can be used to monitor your employees.

So if they’re stealing company secrets or down tools when you’re gone, now you will know.

Another feature included with Mobile Spy is GPS tracking, so if you have an expensive smartphone and it gets stolen or lost, you’ll be able to recover it.

Truth is Mobile Spy has too many features for me to list here.

For example, this app will allow you full access to all chats and messages including watsapp messages, SMS, emails, browser history and call logs.

Plus it has location tracking, so you can locate your children, spouse or employees AND you can view all media on that device.

(So if your husband is watching those movies you’ll know about it)

It also allows you to track social media.

You can monitor all chats and messages and it works for Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram and even Tinder.

And I’ve saved the best for last.

Mobile Spy also has the ability to perform “Key Logging”

This means it can pick up and record what is being typed on that device.

And the reason why this is important is because it allows you to record that persons passwords, so you can gain access to any type of account they access on their phone, tablet or computer.

And in case you’re wondering this app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS, meaning there is no device is cannot be used on.

Bottom line?

Freds Fail Safe is the ultimate tool for spying on anyone and if you’re concerned about your children, spouse, friends or employees it can give you peace of mind again.

And if you’d like to learn more about how it works, then go here for a short demo of Mobile Spy in action.

Freds Fail Safe

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